What if overthinking isn’t malicious?

Tracy Winchell
1 min readMay 30, 2023

Your body is the equivalent of a clunker car.

The passenger-side mirror is hanging by the thread of a wire. The grill is smashed in, and a long strip of duck tape keeps the trunk from flying open.

Humans are built for survival.

Overthinking isn’t so much the Enemy Steven Pressfield describes in The War of Art. Overthinking emerges from our innate desire for self-preservation.

The intention is no less damaging, but it does change our relationship.

Overthinking isn’t so much an identity or a character flaw. It’s self-love gone awry. Once you get to know the emotions behind what’s happening, you move through and around the obstacle in your head.

Journaling prompts for overthinkers

  • When you recognize overthinking, take note of what that feels like.
  • How is your clunker of a body responding?
  • What’s going on in your head?

Thank you, Alessandra White — of Creators Work Hour — for this insight.



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