Unlocking the Power of Moment-to-Moment Choices: The Journey to Becoming a Better Human Being

Tracy Winchell
1 min readMay 24, 2023

“By popular demand” is such a shtick.

Reminds me of outrageous claims and promises that are so silly they’re funny.

Remember the Old School Ronco TV commercial that promises “set it and forget it” cooking products?

Lots of personal development books promise buying their product will change your life…and they can, if you actually work the processes.

Becoming a better human being begins with a decision, followed by a string of moment-to-moment choices over time.

I won’t promise writing a note to your next day self or even showing up to one of my workshops will change your life or “fix” you.

Heck, I’ve been doing this drill since 2015, and I’m certainly not fixed.

But I am making progress.

Join me for a live workshop and I’ll show you how — step by step — you can implement a simple note to next day self practice in your daily-ish life.



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